BWestMusic, management for record producers, mixers, engineers and musicians


Comprehensive Music Business Services for Record Producers, Mixers, Engineers and Musicians.

Management / Agreements / Licensing   Publishing / Invoicing & Receivables / Union Contracts / Album Project Coordination /  Budgets




MIKE FASANO - Drummer,  Drum Technology
JOSH MOSSER - Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Composer
PAUL FIG - Engineer. Musician
MARTIN NESSI - Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Arranger
BEN TOLLIDAY - Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Instrumentalist
VINCENT JONES - Composer, Producer, Mixer, Musician
DORIAN CROZIER - Drummer, Engineer, Mixer
WESLEY SEIDMAN - Engineer/Mixer
JOBY J FORD - Producer, Engineer, Musician
KENNY ARONOFF - Producer, Drummer
TIM JAMES - Producer, Musician
ELLE RAE - Artist, Songwriter


More than 25 years of record label and producer management experience.

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