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Producer, Grammy-Nominated Engineer, Mixer, Composer

Josh Mosser is familiar with a wide range of instruments, having played piano, sax, drums/percussion and guitar at an early age, and joining several bands through high school. "That's when I was bitten by the recording bug, leading to my first internship at Harvest Field Studios in Carlisle, PA", Josh explains.

"I knew then that I wanted to pursue music as my career, so I attended Berklee School of Music, where I interned and studied under Ted Paduck and Mix One Studios."

Josh moved to the West Coast, taking work as an intern, runner and assistant at Westlake Recording, a Los Angeles Studio. He also engineered at Studio City Sound and at Chalice Recording, where he worked with artists like Josh Freese, Usher and Keri Hilson.

"I found my way to the new Interscope Studios in Santa Monica under Ed Goodreau where I began to really hone my skills and expand my credits," Josh continues. "There, I worked with a range of producers and artists from Teddy Riley to Weezer, and Polow Da Don to American Idol."

Josh Mosser was nominated for a Grammy for 'Record of the Year' for Engineering "Imagine Dragons'" multi-platinum album "Night Visions".

He is currently working in Los Angeles freelancing as an Engineer, Mixer, Writer/Collaborator and Sound Designer.


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